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Related Math and Bio Links

DNA from the beginning.  An animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity.

Here's a great NOVA episode on RNAi.

This website is for general biology textbook but is presented at a college level.  It is great for searching biology terms that one may be having difficulty with understanding.

Here's a nice site with an applet to do sorting of signed permutations by reversals.

The Reverso page.  A game to help students visualize mutation by inversion and practice finding inversion distance.  Download the game and Logo interpreter here.

An interactive course for matrix multiplication.

A site which demonstrates an interesting way for students to use their hands while doing matrix multiplication.

Three dimensional molecular structure of DNA showing bonds.

Kathy Gabric's What Every Math Teacher Should Know About Biology.

Rob Hochberg's Brief Introduction to Some Discrete Mathematical Concepts.

The MPsrch biological sequence comparison tool. Includes explanations of matrices, local alignments and other math topics relevant to biomath.

The Biology Student Workbench and lessons to use with it.

Structure of the DNA molecule and its mathematics

An evolutionary webquest curriculum page.

Powerpoint slideshow of databases and tools.

Tree of life  project site.

Materials and background on the phylogeny of 'Caminalcules' activity

Java scripts for varying methods of alignment and explanations of the algorithms.

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