DIMACS Workshop on Bio-computing, Genomics and Epigenomics

September 13, 2012
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University

Organizing Committee:
Gyan Bhanot, Rutgers University, MB&B/Physics and CINJ
Shridar Ganesan, CINJ
Sam Gu, Rutgers University, MB&B
Konstantin Mischaikow, Rutgers University, Math
Alexandre Morozov, Rutgers University, Physics
Alexander Schliep, Rutgers University, CS
Anirvan Sengupta, Rutgers University, Physics
Eduardo Sontag, Rutgers University, Math
Advisory Committee:
Linda Brzustowicz, Chair - Genetics, Rutgers University
Haym Hirsh, Chair - Computer Science, Rutgers University
Mike Kiledjian, Chair - Cell Bio and Neuroscience, Rutgers University
Vincenzo Pirrotta, Chair - MB&B, Rutgers University
Ron Ransome, Chair- Physics, Rutgers University
Michael Vogelius, Chair - Mathematics, Rutgers University

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