DIMACS Technical Reports:

The DIMACS Technical Report series is intended for timely dissemination and archival record of DIMACS-related research. The series includes research carried out by DIMACS members, DIMACS research faculty, DIMACS visitors, DIMACS postdocs, and DIMACS- supported graduate students, as well as research that grew out of or was significantly influenced by one or more authors' participation in DIMACS programs.

How to Obtain Reports

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Problems with Technical Reports?

We try to check on the accessibility of technical reports regularly, but mistakes do happen. If you have trouble obtaining reports, please send email to tech@dimacs.rutgers.edu identifying the report you had trouble with. We will try to assist you in obtaining the report.

Other Technical Report Servers:

DIMACS Technical Reports are also available through NCSTRL which provides search engines for all. Use NCSTRL for searches, downloads, and more information.
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