How to Submit DIMACS Technical Reports

The DIMACS Technical Report series is intended for timely dissemination and archival record of DIMACS-related research. The series includes research carried out by DIMACS members, DIMACS research faculty, DIMACS visitors, DIMACS postdocs, and DIMACS- supported graduate students, as well as research that grew out of or was significantly influenced by one or more authors' participation in DIMACS programs.

Submissions: Overview

Technical Reports (TR) are generally prepared in latex and then turned into pdf. Authors can use either of two methods to submit reports. Authors can use the traditional submission method (A) in which they send a title and abstract, the center returns a TR number, and the author is responsible for returning the report in pdf.

DIMACS will also accept latex files (B) and handle formatting and adding the cover sheet at the center. If there are problems in adding a cover page, obtaining auxiliary latex files (.tex, .bib, or .sty), or other formatting problems, the paper will not become a TR. Authors are also advised that problems may occur that could render a distributed paper different from the author's intentions.

A: Traditional Submission Method

Obtaining the LaTeX Style/Class files:

A LaTeX or LaTeX-2e style file and template are available to facilitate submission of technical reports in the DIMACS format. The dimacs.sty and dimacs.cls files are macros which should be saved (under the same file name) in the directory with your report file. Alternately, you can have your systems administrator install it with other TeX/LaTeX style files. The template.tex or template-2e.tex file is a skeleton template for formatting your report. You may obtain these files either by clicking on names of these files above or by FTP with the following steps:

Submission Process:

  1. Send e-mail to with the (a) title, (b) author list, and (c) ASCII abstract.
  2. If the paper has in some way been prompted by a DIMACS activity of some sort (workshop, visit, collaboration with other DIMACS people), please include a footnote to that effect.
  3. You will receive an acknowledgement, with Tech Report number assigned. The number is added to the LaTeX source by you at the indicated location in the template file. After processing the paper with LaTeX, the paper should be converted to pdf with the appropriated tools. Your local system manager should be consulted.
  4. Send the pdf file for the entire paper to If you used the latex style/class file it will include a cover page that includes your DIMACS Technical Report Number as well as the DIMACS affiliation of each coauthor and a citation of the DIMACS NSF grant STC--91--19999 and of NJ Commission support.
  5. Both the abstract and the report itself will be placed on-line for access by everyone.

B: Submitting Latex Only

Submissions of Latex source only are also accepted - however we anticipate problems may occur due to missing .sty files or multiple file (.tex) papers.

Submission Process:

  1. If possible, obtain the dimacs.cls or dimacs.sty files as above.
  2. For papers contained in a single latex file, email the file to
  3. For papers with multiple files (.sty, .cls or .tex) contact about submission. Formats such as archive (ar) or tar on unix are possible.

We invite authors of previous DIMACS Technical Reports to generate pdf files for those reports which can be added to our library.

Document last modified on November 22, 2008.