DIMACS Workshop on Computational Complexity and Programming Languages

July 25 - 26, 1996
RUTCOR, Busch Campus, Rutgers University

Bruce Kapron, University of Victoria, bmkapron@csr.uvic.ca
Jim Royer, Syracuse University, royer@top.cis.syr.edu

Registration and Participant Support:

The DIMACS Conference Center at Rutgers can accommodate about 100 participants. Princeton can accommodate approximately the same numbers. Subject to capacity constraints, the workshop is open to all researchers. If possible, please pre-register, although registration at the conference is permitted. THERE IS NO REGISTRATION FEE.

To register, please email a Workshop Registration Form to Workshop Coordinator

(908) 445-5930.

or send it by postal mail:

Workshop Coordinator
P.O. Box 1179
Busch Campus
Rutgers University
Piscataway, NJ 08855-1179

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