DIMACS Workshop on Computation Complexity and Programming Languages


Thursday, 25 July

08:30  Breakfast

09:10  Greetings

09:20  Neil Jones (U. Copenhagen)
       Computability and complexity from a 
       programming perspective

10:10  Guy Blelloch (Carnegie Mellon U.)
       Semanticly-based cost-models and provably efficient 

11:00  Chris Okasaki (Carnegie Mellon U.)
       Lazy functional programming languages and 
       persistent amortized data structures

11:50  Lunch

13:00  Harry Mairson (Brandeis U.)
       Complexity and optimal reduction

13:50  Bruce Kapron (U. Victoria)
       Towards a theory of time-bounded type-2

14:40  Break

15:00  Daniel Leivant (Indiana U.)

15:50  Contributed Talks: Session 1
       (See the note on contributed talks below.)

18:00  Reception

20:00  Contributed Talks: Session 2
       (if needed)

Friday, 26 July 8:30 Breakfast 9:00 Denis Dancanet (Carnegie Mellon U.) Berry and Curien's intensional legacy 9:50 Eugenio Moggi (U. Genova) Intensional semantics, abstract interpretation and complexity estimates 10:40 Samson Abramsky (U. Edinburgh) Intensional semantics and complexity 11:30 Panel 12:00 Lunch

NOTE ON CONTRIBUTED TALKS: The contributed talks sessions will be open to all workshop participants. The talks will be scheduled during lunch on Thursday. These talks will be brief-between 10 and 15 minutes. Those wishing to present a contributed talk should prepare accordingly and bring a one page abstract of the talk with pointers to any preprints.

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