DIMACS Workshop on Mathematical Hierarchies and Biology

November 13-15, 1996


Boris Mirkin, DIMACS, Rutgers University
F.R. McMorris, Department of Mathematics, University of Louisville
Fred Roberts, Department of Mathematics and DIMACS, Rutgers University
Andrey Rzhetsky, Department of Biology and Institute of Molecular Evolutionary Genetics, Pennsylvania State University
The workshop is organized by DIMACS and sponsored in part by the Special Year on Mathematical Support for Molecular Biology. It is aimed at bringing together scientists doing research in mathematical methodologies for hierarchies and potential users of these methodologies to disseminate ideas, share methods, develop collaborations, etc. Keynote speakers will include Andreas Dress of the University Bielefeld, Germany, and George Estabrook of the University of Michigan.

The workshop is free and open to the scientific public. Space is limited and attendance may be limited.

Talk abstracts, up to two pages long, are solicited. The preferable format of presentation is via e-mail; ASCII abstracts are acceptable, but if you can do it, a LATEX abstract following the format of template below would be helpful to the organizers.

The authors are encouraged to make their work accessible to readers from other disciplines by including a carefully written motivation part and avoiding use of unexplained technical terms.

Deadline for submitting abstracts: September 15, 1996.

The address for submission:

Mathematical Hierarchies Workshop
P.O.Box 1179
Piscataway NJ 08855-1179
email: mhmws@dimacs.rutgers.edu
For further information, inquiries can be made to:

Boris Mirkin at mirkin@dimacs.rutgers.edu
Phone: +1 908 445 4574
Fax: +1 908 445 5932
More about DIMACS (including travel directions) can be found in DIMACS URL:

Mathematical Hierarchies and Biology Workshop


\textheight 22cm
\textwidth 15.2cm


{\large \bf
Title Goes Here} \\[2ex]
Author or authors go here.
Abstracts may be submitted as ASCII files if so desired. But it would
be appreciated if authors submitted them as latex files following the
format of this note. This is only to achieve a uniform appearance in
the abstract booklet that will be distributed at the meeting.

The second paragraph now begins.

Third paragraph. Authors should try to limit themselves to a two
page abstract.

{\bf Keywords:} abstract, author

{\bf Address:} & Address of the co-author to communicate with goes here. \\
Pierre de Fermat\\
 & Department of Mathematical Hierarchies\\
&  City Opera\\
& 111 Mozart Av.\\
&  75007 Paris France\\
e-mail: & pfermat@hier.paris.fr


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