DIMACS Workshop on Mathematical Hierarchies and Biology

November 13-15, 1996
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University

Boris Mirkin, Rutgers University, mirkin@dimacs.rutgers.edu

Organizing Committee:
F.R. McMorris, Univ. of Louisville, frmcmo01@homer.louisville.edu
Fred Roberts, Rutgers Univ., froberts@dimacs.rutgers.edu
Andrey Rzhetsky, Pennsylvania State Univ., aur1@email.psu.edu
Presented under the auspices of the DIMACS Special Year in Mathematical Support of Molecular Biology.

Workshop Goals:

Viewing hierarchies as combinatorial objects underlies many important areas of current scientific investigation. Examples of areas where this is the case are biology, evolutionary studies and taxonomy, general classification theory, data/knowledge bases, cognitive models and linguistical structures.

The mathematical study of hierarchies is being pursued in many disciplines, such as computer science, statistics, biology, psychology, and of course mathematics. Topics of interest are the representation and enumeration of various types of hierarchies, the comparison of hierarchies, constructing hierarchies from various kinds of data, modeling of hierarchical behavior, etc.

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together people from different disciplines doing research in these and other subjects of mathematical approaches to hierarchies and their applications.


A refereed volume of the workshop proceedings is intended to be published in the AMS-DIMACS Series on Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science.


Further information is available at DIMACS WWW site at http://dimacs.rutgers.edu or by contacting the organizers.

See also http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/archive/Workshops/Biology/participation.html for the call for papers.

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