Rutgers Young Scholars Program in Discrete Mathematics

Student Comments about the Program

July 2005

Geoff Cameron, 17, Chatham HS. Chatham , NJ

"This Program has been amazing for me! I have always loved math from an early age, and always wanted learn more and more. I have to say, during the course of this program, I have learned more math in such a short period of time than I ever have before! This program was also fun, as I had to stretch my mind to solve many of the problems we had to solve. And I seriously love working hard at a problem until I can finally solve it, and it is a joy to be able to see connections I was unable to see before. The professors who taught us this mathematics were also amazing. They truly knew what they were doing, and they knew how to make the coursed even more interesting. In short, this camp has been an amazing experience, in which I have learned much more about the beauty of mathematics, and truly had a wonderful time!"

Stephanie Clemente, 15, Half Hollows HS East, Dix Hills, NY

"The YSP at Rutgers was a great experience for me. Throughout my years of learning math in school I have always loved math but had only been introduced to the geometry and algebra basically. This Program of Discrete Mathematics introduced me to new theories and topics of math that I would not normally learn in high school math curriculum. Young Scholars introduced me to graph theory- a topic I knew little about but now I would like to further learn in this area. If anything this program has helped me look at math problems differently which I hope to use in high school math and perhaps for my SAT's. During my time in this program, I sat through a lot of lectures for instance I learned how closely biology and mathematics have intertwined over the past few years. I have also been able to understand card tricks better and the rubicks cube because there is much mathematics involved in it. During the program the robotics course showed me that I had a great interest in building and programming and perhaps I may look at the field of engineering to study in the future. The Young Scholars Program not only gave me a chance to learn different types of mathematics but it also gave me a chance to meet people my age that also like mathematics. Young Scholars Program gave me the chance to find out how much I liked math and many new opportunities w/meeting many professors, learning from some of the best and other programs that may be opened to me as I finish high school and move on to college. I feel that this program is truly rewarding."

Calina A. Copos, 17, Eastern Regional HS, Vorhees, NJ

"Coming to this program I had high expectations from both the professors and students. After reviewing other math camps, I realized that the Young Scholars Program in Discrete Mathematics would expose me to the newest branches of mathematics that have numerous essential applications in medicine, astronomy, physics, and computer science. Though I have been at other summer programs in science and mathematics, none have stimulated more interest and none have offered us more insight on what real math coursed are like. Another unique feature of the program is the very personal relation with the professors. In four weeks I have met college professors from various states and backgrounds, each with a pleasant and interesting personality. They have talked about their research, works, education, and have constantly encouraged us to actively join in the mathematics research field either by helping with finding a larger prime number or by working on the famous millennium unsolved problems. Though the camp has been very concentrated on intense studying, I have had time to meet people with whom I have so many things in common. I'm still amazed that in four weeks I've learned more about math than in one year of high school. This had definitely been the best camp I have been to and the only one which has stirred my interest and passion for mathematics. I can only hope that more people will be able to benefit from this program! Math Rocks!"

Yong Li 16, Edison HS, Edison NJ

"YSP has been a worthwhile experience. It has opened my mind to the applications of mathematics that I have once thought to be theoretic mostly. Learning about applications of graph theory as in the case of the travel salesman, I couldn't help but appreciate the usefulness of math. Also, to be exposed to four weeks of intense math courses (6 hours a day Phew!), has one way or another allowed me to tap into a small portion of my brain that I never knew existed. I feel smarter. Bathing in the brilliance of the professors, as well as quick classmates, I find myself not in the typical math class, but in a college class brushing shoulders with the best."

Tim Lou, 14, Edison HS, Edison, NJ

"It was my teacher who recommended me into this Young Scholars Program. I was a little nervous about the program because I thought that the program was going to be boring. I like math, but math to me is just a subject where people solve crazy pointless puzzles for fun. The program totally changed my idea of math; it showed me how math can be applied to everyday life situation:
Combinatorics---how lottery works
Fractals---similarity in nature
Algorithms---how computers work
The program totally changed my viewpoint of math, and shows me how to see nature differently. This program is one of the greatest experiences in my life, and I'll never forget all the things learned."

Julia Rogers, 16, Glen Ridge HS, Glen Ridge, NJ

"The Rutgers Young Scholars Program in Discrete Mathematics has been an amazing experience for me. In high school, even in honors classes, most students do not actually enjoy math, and the class moves slowly through the material. Here, for the first time, I have been challenged to think harder and defend my thoughts. It helped me to see that math isn't simple and boring, but complex and interesting. This program has also introduced numerous new areas of math to me, such as graph theory, combinatorics, number theory, fractals, and robotics. These areas are very interesting, and have given me new ideas on what I may want to study later in life. The Young Scholars Program has also given me great opportunities for further study. Our professors have given us their e-mails in case we ever need help in an independent project. Before this program, I never though I would be able to do any independent math research before college, because I didn't know of any topics aside from basic high school math, and my high school teachers couldn't help me as much as I would need. Through this program, I have learned many new and interesting things, and been given amazing opportunities. I am so happy that I participated in this program."

Adam Schwartz, 16, The Lewis School, Princeton, NJ

"When I first looked into this I was expecting two main things. First, of course, I was expecting to use math. Second, I was expecting the implication of math, which I will explain in the next paragraph. When I mean implication my intention is to point out that by taking on this challenging program taught by professors that teach their subject well, this grants a better view of mathematics and a better ability to raise the limits of my ability. Two other things should be noted. First, for someone who really enjoys education an eclectic range of interesting and talented professors is a gold mine. Also, in this, groups a student like myself has a unique opportunity to meet a large number of people with the same interest, similar insight and different ones. My initial expectations were correct. I grew from this program. I must say though, I think it was better then what I would consider an exceptional program."

Jason Suapengco, 16, Half Hollows HS West, Dix Hills , NY

"This year at camp for math in discrete mathematics was a fun and very learning experience. Here at Rutgers University us campers have learned a vast range of knowledge in the filed of discrete mathematics. In this four week period we have learned from many different and interesting teachers who have taught me things I would never have thought of. Each week was filled with its own fun filled subject and I hope many more students will experience what I have for years to come. In the first week of the program we jumped right into math with professor O'Nan where we learned about logic and induction and many more interesting approaches on how to interpret the world. In the afternoons we learned from professor Bergstrard about graph theory. In the following weeks we learned from an array of other teachers including number theory, modulars, _____, cading, combinatorics, real life applications and many other fields. Although I've worked in most of these areas before we've approached math in an angle I've never even imagined. This math, I hope, will help me in future endeavors including the research of math. In addiction to learning from the teachers we have had a wonderful experience with teaching assistants who are undergrads at Rutgers , with their help and the professors Rutgers has been a fun filled experience. In future years I hope to explore other areas of math and hope that the next camp will be as wonderful as the Young Scholars in Discrete Mathematics at Rutgers University."

Dishen Yang 15, Brooklyn Tech HS, New York, NY

"My eyes were opened and so was mind. The experience I've had here in Rutgers Young Scholars Program in Discrete Mathematics is unbelievable overwhelming. I have been introduced and trained in multi areas of mathematics I never knew before and with such outstanding organization, and determined professors this program gave me an entirely different perspective of the mathematical world. I was well educated in a very motivating and inspiring environment. In addition this wonderful program greatly helped me to pursue on my career in mathematics. I would greatly thank this program and tell the professors and teacher's assistances for promoting my growth in discrete mathematics."

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