The DIMACS Research and Education Institute

June 24 - July 12, 1996

Princeton University

The DIMACS Research and Education Institute will offer programs for high school teachers and researchers at a summer institute at Princeton University. The emphasis of the first institute program is GEOMETRY, VISUALIZATION, and COMPUTING. The program emphasis includes vertical integration of the participating communities of teachers and researchers in mathematical and computer sciences.
Teacher Program:
A hands-on computing and internet laboratory
Workshop focusing on computational geometry and discrete mathematics
Weekend Follow-up sessions during the following year
Announcement and Application
Page 1 of teacher announcement in postscript
Page 2 of teacher announcement in postscript (Note: our ghostview program displays this incorrectly, but it can be printed.)
DREI course pages
Hypermail Archive for DREI 96
Notes from the Lectures
Research Program:
Software and Mathematical Visualization, June 24 - 28
Computational Geometry Problems in Aerodynamics, July 1-3
Hot Topics in Computational Geometry, July 8-12
Announcement and Application
Research announcement in postscript

This institute is made possible by NSF funding under the Regional Institutes in the Mathematical Sciences program.

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