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Special Years and Foci

DIMACS/Simons Collaboration in Cryptography

Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013+

Mathematics of Planet Earth

DIMACS/DIMATIA/Renyi Partnership

DIMACS/DyDAn Research Project on Potential Uses of Entropy in Biosurveillance

DIMACS/LAMSADE Partnership: Computer Science and Decision Theory

DIMATIA International Partnership

EU-NSF Strategic Workshops

Hungarian Mathematics Partnership

Implementation Challenges


Special Research Projects

Monitoring Message Streams Research Project

Port of Entry Inspection Algorithms

Author Identification Research Project

Homeland Security Research Projects at DIMACS

Rutgers University Homeland Security Research Initiative (RUHSRI)

NJ Universities Consortium for Homeland Security Research

The DNA Barcode Data Analysis Initiative

Understanding China's Higher Education and Research in Computer Science and Information Technology

Second US-China Computer Science Leadership Summit

Third US-China Computer Science Leadership Summit

Laboratory for Port Security

Center for Dynamic Data Analysis (DyDAn)

DIMACS/DyDAn Research Project on Sensor Management for Nuclear Detection

Sustainability Initiative

Education Programs

K - 12

Leadership Program in Discrete Math

Workshops in Your District

Young Scholars Program

New Jersey Mathematics Coalition

Open Problems for Undergraduates

Douglass-SAS-DIMACS Computer Science Living-Learning Community for Women

CCICADA Graduate Fellowship Program

Integrative Research and Education Programs

Conference on Linking Mathematics and Biology in the High Schools, 2005

DIMACS African Epidemiological Modeling Initiative

DIMACS Bio-Math Connection

DIMACS Connect and BioMath Connect Institutes

Douglass-DIMACS Computing Corps

Integrating Mathematics and Biology

DIMACS-MBI US-Africa Biomath Initiative

DIMACS Research and Education Institutes

DIMATIA International Partnership

High School Student Research Conferences

Reconnect Summer Conference for College Teachers

Reconnect Two Day Workshops for Two Year College Teachers

Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Undergraduate Sustainability Modules for Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (MPE 2013)

The Value of Computational Thinking across Grade Levels 9-12 (VCTAL)

Mathematical and Computational Methods for Planning a Sustainable Future (PS-Future)

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