DIMACS Working Group Meeting on Data Compression in Networks and Applications

March 18 - 20, 2002
DIMACS Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway, New Jersey

Adam Buchsbaum, AT&T Labs - Research, alb@research.att.com
S. Muthukrishnan, AT&T Labs - Research and Rutgers University, muthu@cs.rutgers.edu
Suleyman Cenk Sahinalp, Case Western Reserve University, cenk@eecs.cwru.edu
Jim Storer, Brandeis University, storer@cs.brandeis.edu
Jeff Vitter, Duke University, jsv@cs.duke.edu
Presented under the auspices of the Special Focus on Next Generation Networks Technologies and Applications and the Special Focus on Computational Information Theory and Coding.

Workshop Program:

Monday, March 18, 2002.

8:00-8:50	Breakfast

8:50-8:55	Welcome and Greeting:
		Fred S. Roberts, DIMACS Director

8:55-9:00	Welcome and Greeting:
		Adam Buchsbaum, AT&T Labs - Research
		S. Muthukrishnan, AT&T Labs - Research
		Suleyman Cenk Sahinalp, Case Western Reserve University
		Jim Storer, Brandeis University
		Jeff Vitter, Duke University

9:00-9:50	Cenk Sahinalp, Case Western University
                Information Content of Junk DNA

10:00-10:50	Khalid Sayood, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
                Compression Schemes for DNA Sequences

11:00-11:30	Coffee Break

11:30-12:20	Alberto Apostolico, Purdue University
		Pattern Discovery and the Algorithmics of

12:30-2:00	Lunch

2:00-2:50	Michael Mitzenmacher, Harvard University
                Compressed Bloom Filters and Compressing
                the Web Graph

3:00-3:50	Adam Buchsbaum, AT&T Labs-Research
                Application-Independent, Stream-Based
                Compression in the Transport Layer

4:00-4:15	Coffee Break

4:15-5:05	Torsten Suel, Polytechnic University
                Applications of delta compression and file
                synchronization techniques

5:15-6:05	Stefano Lonardi, University of California, Riverside
                Fragile Watermarks for LZ-77

6:15-7:30	Wine and Cheese Reception

Tuesday 19th, 2002.

8:30-9:00	Breakfast

9:00-9:50	Roberto Grossi, University of Pisa
                Practical Compressed Suffix Array
                in Sublinear Space for Full-Text Searching

10:00-10:50	Kunihiko Sadakane
		Experimental Results on the Compressed
		Suffix Array for Human DNA

11:00-11:15	Coffee Break

11:15-12:05	Ankur Gupta, Duke University
                Higher Order Entropy Analysis of Compressed
                Suffix Arrays

12:15-1:30	Lunch

1:30-2:20	Jeff Vitter, Duke University
                Prediction for Prefetching via Data Compression

2:30-3:20	Kiem-Phong Vo
		Delta compression: software and applications

3:30-3:45	Coffee Break

3:45-4:35	Gerald Schuller, 
                Low Delay Audio Coding for Communications

4:45-5:35	G. Sampath, The College of New Jersey
                Preordering Binary Images for Better Compression

5:45-6:30	Open Problems Session

7:00            Banquet

Wednesday, March 20, 2002.

8:30-9:00	Breakfast

9:00-9:50	Zhiyuan Chen, Cornell University
                Compression From The Database Perspective

10:00-10:50	Rajeev Rastogi, Bell Labs
                SPARTAN: A Model-based Semantic Compression
                System for Massive Data Tables

11:00-11:30	Coffee Break

11:30-12:20	Yannis Kotidis, AT&T Labs
                Surfing Wavelets on Streams

12:30-2:00	Lunch & Wrap Up

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