DIMACS Workshop on External Memory Algorithms and Visualization

May 20-22, 1998
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Busch Campus, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Wednesday, May 20

---------------------- 8:30-9:00 Breakfast 9:00-9:15 -Opening Remarks( J. Abello, R. Sedgewick) 9 :15-10:15 -J. Vitter(Duke University) "External Memory Algorithms, A tutorial" 10:15-10:30 Break 10:30-11:30 -R. Becker, A. Wilks(AT&T Labs) "War Stories from the Data Trenches" 11:30-12:15 -T. Munzner(Stanford) "Guaranteed Frame Rate Drawing for Interactive Navigation of Large Graphs" 12:15-2:00 Lunch 2:00-2:30 -G.S. Brodal(Max-Planck_Institute) J. Katajainen(University of Copenhagen) "Worst-case Efficient External-Memory Priority Queues" 2:30-3:00 -R. Grossi(Universita di Firenze) G. Italiano(Hong Kong University and Universita di Venezia) "Efficient Cross-Trees for External Memory" 3:00-3:30 -J. Abello, A. Buchsbaum, J. Westbrook(AT&T Labs) "A Functional Approach to External Memory Graph Algorithms" 3:30-3:45 Break 3:45-4:15 -A. Crauser, P. Ferragina(Max-Planck Institute) "External Memory Construction of Full Text Indexes" 4:15-5:00 -C. Sahinalp(University of Warwick) "Optimal Algorithms for Text Processing and Data Compression" 5:00-6:30 Reception(Wine and Cheese) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thursday, May 21

------------------------- 8:30-9:00 Breakfast 9:00-10:00 -W. Sweldens(Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs) "Recent Developments in Wavelets and Multiresolution Transforms" 10:00-10:15 Break 10:15-10:50 -S. Leutenegger(University of Denver), K.L. Ma(NASA) "Fast Retrieval of Disk-Resident Unstructured Volume Data for Visualization" 10:50-11:25 -Y.-J. Chiang(SUNY Stony Brook), C. Silva(IBM T.J. Watson) W. Schroeder(GE, Corporate Research) "Interactive Out-of-Core Isosurface Extraction" 11:25-12:00 -P. Agarwal, L. Arge, T. Murali, K. Varadarajan, J. Vitter(Duke) "I/O Efficient Algorithms for Contour Line Extraction and Planar Graph Blocking" 12:00-1:30 Lunch 1:30-2:30 -P. Vo(AT&T Labs) "Writing Concrete Software" 2:30-2:45 Break 2:45-3:15 -K. Shvachko(Programming Systems Institute, Pereslavl-Zalessky) "S(b)-Tree Library: An Efficient Way of Indexing Data" 3:15-3:45 -M. Kallahalla, P. Varman(Rice University) "ASP: Adaptive Online Parallel Disk Scheduling" 3:45-4:15 -S. Das(University of North Texas) M.C. Pinotti(IEI, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) "An Efficient Way of Distributing Data on Parallel Memory Systems" 4:15-4:25 Break 4:25-5:15 -S. Toledo(Xerox and Tel Aviv University) "Out of Core Algorithms in Numerical Linear Algebra, A Survey" 5:15-6:30 Reception(Wine and Cheese) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Friday, May 22

---------------------- 8:30-9:00 Breakfast 9:00-9:40 -Y. Matias(Bell Labs and Tel Aviv University) "Shunning External Memory Via Synopsis Data Structures" 9:40-9:50 Break 9:50-10:20 -I. Al-Furaih(Syracuse University), T. Johnson(AT&T Labs), S. Ranka(University of Florida) "Calculating Robust Depth Measures for Large Data Sets" 10:20-10:50 -J. Abello, M. Resende(AT&T Labs) P. Pardalos(University of Florida) "On Cliques in Very Large Graphs" 10:50-11:00 Break 11:00-11:30 -A. Crauser, P. Ferragina, k. Mehlhorn, U. Meyer, E. Ramos (Max-Planck-Institut) "Randomized External Memory Algorithms for Some Geometric Problems" 11:30-12:00 -L. Arge(Duke University), P.B. Miltersen(University of Aarhus) "On Showing Lower Bounds for External Memory Computational Geometry Problems" 12:00-12:30 -F. Dehne, D. Hutchinson, A. Maheshwari(Carleton University) W. Dittrich(Bosch Telecom GmbH) "Coarse Grained Parallel Algorithms Yield Better Parallel I/O Complexity" 12:30-2:00 -Closing Lunch

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