DIMACS/CCICADA Student Workshop on Where the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Meet Society

April 8, 2011
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University

Student Organizers:
Ed Chien, Rutgers University, (Math)
Bobby DeMarco, Rutgers University, (Math)
Brad Greening, Rutgers University, (Ecology)
Emilie Hogan, Rutgers University, (Math)
Scott Kulp, Rutgers University, (CS)
Matthew Oster, Rutgers University, (Operations Research)
Brian Thompson, Rutgers University, (CS)
Faculty Organizer:
Tami Carpenter, DIMACS
Presented under the auspices of The Homeland Security Center for Command, Control, and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis (CCICADA).

Workshop Program:

 8:45 -  9:15	Continental Breakfast

 9:15 -  9:40   Welcome & CCICADA Overview
                Tami Carpenter, DIMACS, Rutgers

 9:40 - 10:10   Visualizing Blood Flow through the Heart
                Scott Kulp, Computer Science, Rutgers

10:10 - 10:40   Detecting Anomalous Activity in Computer and Phone Networks
                Brian Thompson, Computer Science, Rutgers

10:40 - 11:00   Break

11:00 - 11:30   Optimal Resource Allocation and Evacuation in Urban Crises
                Brad Greening, Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources, Rutgers

11:30 - 12:25   Network Science and Social Science on Twitter
                Morning Keynote: Mor Naaman
                School of Communication and Information, Rutgers

12:25 -  1:15   Lunch

 1:15 -  2:00   Panel Discussion: Challenges that Emerge When Systems and People Meet

                Cliff Behrens, Telcordia Technologies
		Rebecca Wright, Rutgers University
                Patrice Perny, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France

 2:00 -  2:30   Modeling the Diffusion of Actionable Information in Social Networks
                Cindy Hui, Industrial and Systems Engineering, RPI

 2:30 -  3:25   Exploring the Role of Behavior in Infectious Disease Dynamics:
                Mathematical Insights from World of Warcraft and other Virtual Worlds
                Afternoon Keynote: Nina Fefferman, DIMACS & Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources, Rutgers

 3:25 -  3:30   Adjourn

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