DIMACS Workshop on Randomization Methods in Algorithm Design

December 12 - 14, 1997
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Panos Pardalos, Univ. of Florida, pardalos@ufl.edu
Sanguthevar Rajasekaran, Univ. of Florida, raj@cise.ufl.edu
Jose Rolim, Univ. of Geneva, Jose.Rolim@cui.unige.ch
Presented under the auspices of the DIMACS Special Focus on Discrete Probability
Randomization has played an important role in many optimization algorithms (both sequential and parallel). This workshop is a forum for bringing together researchers working in the theory and implementation aspects of algorithms involving radomization.

The last decade has witnessed a tremendous growth in the area of randomized algorithms. During this period, randomized algorithms went from being a tool in computational number theory to finding widespread application in many types of algorithms. Major topics to be covered in the workshop include randomization techniques for linear and integer programming problems, randomization in the design of approximate algorithms for combinatorial problems, randomization in parallel and distributed algorithms, practical implementation of randomized algorithms, de-randomization issues, and pseudo-random generators.

This workshop is organized in the context of the 1996-1997 Special Year on Discrete Probability.

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