Program: DIMACS Workshop on Trust Management in Networks

September 30 - October 2, 1996
Holiday Inn, South Plainfield, NJ

Ernie Brickell, Bankers Trust
Joan Feigenbaum, AT&T Labs
David Maher, AT&T Labs

Monday, September 30, 1996 

 8:15  Continental breakfast

 9:00  Welcome to DIMACS 
       Fred Roberts, DIMACS Director

 9:15  What is "Trust Management," and what are the Workshop Goals?
       Joan Feigenbaum, AT&T Laboratories

 9:45  Let a Thousand (Ten Thousand?) CAs Reign
       Stephen Kent, BBN Corporation

10:45  Break

11:00  The PolicyMaker Approach to Trust Management
       Matt Blaze, AT&T Laboratories
       (Joint work with J. Feigenbaum and J. Lacy)

12:00  Lunch

 1:15  SDSI: A Simple Distributed Security Infrastructure
       Butler Lampson, Microsoft
       (Joint work with R. Rivest)

 2:15  SPKI Certificates
       Carl Ellison, Cybercash

 3:15  Break

 3:45  Panel Discussion
       Moderator: David Maher, AT&T Laboratories
       Panelists: Blaze, Ellison, Kent, and Lampson

 5:30  Wine and cheese

Tuesday, October 1, 1996 

 8:15  Continental Breakfast

 9:00  Using PICS Labels for Trust Management
       Rohit Khare, World Wide Web Consortium

 9:30  Managing Trust in an Information-Labeling System
       Martin Strauss, Iowa State University
       (Joint work with M. Blaze, J. Feigenbaum, and P. Resnick)

10:00  Trust Management in Web Browsers, Present and Future
       Ed Felten, Princeton University
       (Joint work with D. Dean and D. Wallach)

10:30  Break

10:45  IBM Cryptolopes, SuperDistribution, and Digital Rights Management
       Marc A. Kaplan, IBM Watson Research Center

11:15  Requirements and Approaches for Electronic Licenses
       David Maher, AT&T Laboratories

11:45  PathServer
       Michael Reiter, AT&T Laboratories
       (Joint work with S. Stubblebine)

12:15  Lunch

 1:30  Inferno Security
       David Presotto, Bell Labs -- Lucent Technologies

 2:00  Transparent Internet E-mail Security
       Raph Levien, University of Calfornia at Berkeley
       (Joint work with L. McCarthy and M. Blaze)

 2:30  Cryptographically Secure Digital Time-Stamping to Support Trust Management
       Stuart Haber, Bellcore
       (Joint work with S. Stornetta, Surety Technologies)
 3:00  Break

 3:30  Untrusted Third Parties: Key Management for the Prudent
       Mark Lomas, Cambridge University
       (Joint work with B. Crispo)

 4:00  Distributed Trust Management using Databases
       Trevor Jim, University of Pennsylvania
       (Joint work with C. Gunter)

 4:30  Distributed Commerce Transactions: Structuring 
       Multi-Party Exchanges into Pair-wise Exchanges
       Steven Ketchpel, Stanford University
       (Joint work with H. Garcia-Molina)

Wednesday, October 2, 1996 

 8:15  Continental Breakfast

 9:00  Policy-Controlled Cryptographic Key Release
       David McGrew, Trusted Information Systems, Inc.
       (Joint work with D. Branstad)

 9:45  An X.509v3-based Public-Key Infrastructure for
       the Federal Government
       William Burr, Nat'l. Inst. of Standards and Technology

10:15  Break

10:30  The ICE-TEL Public-Key Infrastructure and
       Trust Model
       David Chadwick, Salford University

11:00  A Distributed Trust Model
       Alfarez Abdul-Rahman, University College, London
       (Joint work with S. Hailes)

11:30  On Multiple Statements from Trust Sources
       Raphael Yahalom, Hebrew University and MIT

12:00  Lunch

 1:00  Off-line Delegation in a Distributed File Repository
       Arne Helme, University of Twente
       (Joint work with Tage Stabell-Kulo)

 1:30  Operational Tradeoffs of Aggregating Attributes in
       Digital Certificates
       Ian Simpson, Carnegie Mellon University

 2:00  Trust Management for Mobile Agents
       Vipin Swarup, MITRE
       (Joint work with W. Farmer and J. Guttman)

 2:30  Break

 3:00  Trust Management in ERLink
       Samuel Schaen, Mitre

 3:30  Linking Trust with Network Reliability
       Y. Desmedt, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
       (Joint work with M. Burmester)

 4:00  Trust Management Under Law-Governed Interaction
       Naftaly Minsky, Rutgers University
       (Joint work with V. Ungureanu)

 4:30  Tools for Security Policy Definition and Implementation
       Polar Humenn, Blackwatch Technology, Inc.

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