DIMACS Workshop on Evolution as Computation

January 11 - 12, 1999
Princeton University

Laura Landweber, Princeton University, lfl@princeton.edu
Erik Winfree, Caltech, winfree@hope.caltech.edu
Richard Lipton, Princeton University, rjl@cs.princeton.edu
Stephen Freeland, Cambridge University, sjf23@cam.ac.uk
Presented under the auspices of the DIMACS Special Focus on DNA Computing.

Workshop Program:

Monday, January 11, 1999 8:15 Continental breakfast Session I: The comparison between computers and biology Erik Winfree, chair 9 am Jim Shapiro, University of Chicago "Genome System Architecture and Natural Genetic Engineering" 9:45 John Koza, Stanford University "Genetic Programming: Biologically Inspired Computation that Creatively Solves Non-Trivial Problems" 10:30 - 11 coffee break 11 Pim Stemmer, Maxygen, Inc. "Molecular breeding of sequences by DNA shuffling" 11:45 Junghuei Chen, Eugene Antipov, Bertrand Lemieux, Walter Cedeno, and David Harlan Wood, University of Delaware "Programming a Genetic Algorithm on a DNA Computer" 12 noon lunch Session II: Complex Genomes Laura Landweber, chair 2 pm David Prescott and Grzegorz Rozenberg University of Colorado & Leiden University "Computational Aspects of Gene Scrambling in Ciliates" 3 pm Laura Landweber and Lila Kari Princeton University & University of Western Ontario "Universal Molecular Computation in Ciliates" 3:45 Brief poster Introductions 4 - 4:30 coffee break / poster session 4:30 Jim Crutchfield, Santa Fe Institute "The Evolutionary Unfolding of Complexity" 5:15 - 6 pm poster session 6 pm Reception - Prospect House 6:30 Banquet - Prospect House (registration by January 6, 1999 required to attend) Tuesday, January 12, 1999 8:15 Continental breakfast Session III: Systems Erik Winfree, chair 9 am Thomas Baeck, Joost Kok, and Grzegorz Rozenberg, Leiden University "Evolutionary Computation as a Paradigm for DNA-Based Computing" 9:25 Theodore and Patricia Theodosopoulos "Evolution at the Edge of Chaos: A Paradigm for the Maturation of the Humoral Immune Response" 9:50 Charles Ofria and Christoph Adami, Caltech "Evolution of Genetic Organization in Digital Organisms" 10:15 Eric Baum and Igor Durdanovic, NEC Research Institute "Toward Code Evolution by Artificial Economies" 10:40 - 11 coffee break Session IV: The Genetic Code Stephen Freeland, chair 11 Robin Knight, Princeton University "Genetic Code Evolution in the RNA World and Beyond" 11:20 Stephen Freeland, Cambridge University "Is Ours the Best of All Possible Codes?" 11:40 David Ardell and Guy Sella, Stanford University "Code-Message Coevolution Generates an Error-Correcting Genetic Code" 12:00 Discussion 12:15 Lunch Session V: Switches and Networks Laura Landweber, chair 2:00 Mark Ptashne, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center "Regulation by Localization: Mechanisms and Evolvability" 2:45 Drew Endy, Molecular Sciences Institute "Exploration and Characterization of the Bacteriophage T7 Genome Space" 3:15 Roger Brent, Molecular Sciences Institute "Might functional genomic analysis, and simulation, of cellular genetic networks, teach us anything about evolution and computation?" 3:45 Ron Weiss, George Homsy, and Tom Knight, M.I.T. "Toward in vivo Digital Circuits" 4:30 close of workshop

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