University of Pennsylvania

June 23-25, 1997

The first annual workshop, held in Princeton April, 1995, featured eight invited talks presenting much of the work stimulated by Adleman's seminal paper in its first five months. A citation of the proceedings of the first workshop, entitled DNA Based Computers, can be found in the DNA bibliography of J. H. M. Dassen.

The second annual workshop, held in Princeton June, 1996, featured an expanded agenda covering aspects of splicing systems, DNA computer design, and algorithms for DNA computers. An extensive informal summary of the second workshop was prepared by John-Thones Amenyo.

For the 3rd workshop, we invite papers and poster presentations in all areas that relate to computing with DNA including (but not limited to): algorithms, applications, laboratory techniques, architectures, practical obstacles to DNA based computers, proposed solutions to such obstacles, computational processes in vivo, and relevant ideas regarding biological evolution.

We particularly encourage papers and posters reporting experimental results.

The preferred format is a PostScript file emailed to

Alternatively, submit 7 physical copies of a draft to DNA3 Submission, CIS Department, University of Delaware, Newark DE 19716. Deadline for receipt of papers: April 1, 1997. Authors will be informed of acceptance or otherwise by May 1, 1997. Final versions received by May 23, 1997 will be incorporated in a preliminary version of the proceedings that will be distributed at the workshop.

Program committee: David Wood (chair) Lila Kari, Richard Lipton, John Reif, Harvey Rubin, Nadrian Seeman, Erik Winfree.

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Call for Participation for the 3rd Annual DIMACS Workshop on DNA Based Computers
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