Joint DIMACS-DIMATIA Workshop on Algebraic Methods and Arithmetic Circuits

June 2- 4, 1999
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Principal Organizers:

This workshop has as its goal to further the exploitation of algebraic techniques on some of the central problems of theoretical computer science. In particular, there is great interest in furthering our understanding of the power and limitations of arithmetic circuits.

Although there is a large literature on arithmetic circuits, the various models that are studied differ in some fundamental aspects. This sometimes has made it difficult to evaluate the impact of results proved using one notion of circuit, as it relates to other classes of circuits. Communication among different segments of the community has sometimes been slow, owing to these differences in definitions, and other differences in focus. Techniques developed in one community have not always been fully appreciated in the other community.

This workshop will bring together people working with algebraic methods and arithmetic circuits as they relate to diverse areas of theoretical computer science, including the complexity of propositional proof systems (propositional, algebraic, and others), algebraic and symbolic computation, complexity of computing over the reals and other fields (along with connections to the model theory of fields), and connections to Boolean circuit complexity and the study of complexity classes.

There will be no contributed talks. Limited support is available for invited partcipants.

This is part of a continuing series of joint DIMATIA-DIMACS workshops improving cooperation and collaboration between the two research centers.

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