July 20 - 21, 1998
Busch Campus Student Center, Multipurpose Room, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Program chair: Martin Farach, Rutgers, farach@research.bell-labs.com
Conference chair: Udi Manber, University of Arizona, udi@cs.arizona.edu

Presented under the auspices of the Special Year in Support of Molecular Biology and the Special Year on Massive Data Sets.

Workshop Program:

July 20th

Session I
9:00 An O(N) Bit-Vector Algorithm for Approximate String Matching
G. Myers

9:25 A Bit-parallel Approach to Suffix Automata: Fast Extended String Matching
G. Navarro and M. Raffinot

9:50 A Dictionary Matching Algorithm Fast on the Average for Terms of Varying Lengths
M. Ziv-Ukelson and A. Kershenbaum

10:15 A Very Fast String Matching Algorithm for Small Alphabets and Long Patterns
C. Charras, T. Lecroq and J.D. Pehoushek

10:40 Break

11:00 Ken Church - Invited Talk

12:00 Lunch
Session II
1:30 Approximate Word Sequence Matching over Spase Suffix Trees
K. Risvik

1:55 Efficient parallel algorithm for the editing distance between ordered trees
K. Zhang

2:20 Reporting Exact and Approximate Regular Expression Matches
G. Myers, P. Oliva and K. Guimaraes

2:45 Break
Session III
3:15 An Approximate Oracle for Distance in Metric Spaces
K. Zhang, Y. Yang, X. Wang, J. Wang and D. Shasha

3:40 A Rotation Invariant Filter for Two--dimensional String Matching
K. Fredriksson and E. Ukkonen

4:05 Constructing Suffix Arrays for Multi-Dimensional Matrices
D. K. Kim, Y. A. Kim and K. Park

4:30 - 6:30 Reception

July 21st

Session IV
9:00 Simple and Flexible Detection of Contiguous Repates Using a Suffix Tree
J. Stoye and D. Gusfield

9:25 Comparison of Coding DNA
C. Pedersen, R. Lyngso and J. Hein

9:50 Fixed Topology Alignment with Recombination
B. Ma, L. Wang and M. Li

10:15 Aligning alignments
J. Kececioglu and W. Zhang

10:40 Break

11:00 Mick Noordewier - Invited Talk

12:00 Lunch
Session V
1:30 Efficient Special Cases of Pattern Matching with Swaps
A. Amir, G. Landau, M. Lewenstein and N. Lewenstein

1:55 Aligning DNA Sequences to Minimized the Change in Protein
Y. Hua, T. Jiang, and B. Wu

2:20 Genome Halving
N. El-Mabrouk, J. Nadeau and D. Sankoff

2:55 Break

3:30 Open Problem Session

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