2nd Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences (CAARMS): Participation

June 26-28, 1996


The organizers for this workshop are:

Nathaniel Dean, AT&T Research

William A. Massey, Bell Laboratories
The main goal of this conference is to highlight current work by African-American researchers and students in mathematics. This conference will strengthen the mathematical sciences by encouraging the increased participation of African-Americans and underrepresented groups, facilitating working relationships between them and helping to cultivate their careers. Conference activities include research talks from several mathematical disciplines, poster presentations by graduate students, and several group discussions focusing on critical issues surrounding minority participation in mathematics.

Location: Participants will be introduced to some of the major science and technology centers in New Jersey -- the DIMACS Center (the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science) at Rutgers University in Piscataway, Bell Laboratories (Lucent Technologies) in Murray Hill and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

Invited Speakers: Stella Ashford, Curtis Clark, Jonathan Farley, Arthur Grainger, Isom Herron, Lee Lorch, Carolyn Mahoney, Walter Miller, Richard Tapia, Nathaniel Whitaker, Floyd Williams, Scott Williams, and Leon Woodson.

Contributed Poster Session: Lodging and transportation costs will be reimbursed completely for all authors of posters selected for the conference. Please indicate your intent to participate by June 1, and send your title and abstract by email to William A. Massey (908-582-3225, will@research.att.com) no later than June 10.

Proceedings: The proceedings will include papers based on the posters and research talks. Also, papers addressing issues associated with minority participation in the mathematical sciences are being solicited. Although not for presentation at the conference, accepted papers will be published in the proceedings volume published by the American Mathematical Society. Send all submissions to Nathaniel Dean (908-582-4190, nate@research.att.com).

Registration: To register for the conference contact the workshop coordinator (732-445-5930, workshop-coordinator@dimacs.rutgers.edu) for a registration form. The fee is $40 through June 20, $50 afterwards.

More details will be made available soon on the DIMACS homepage http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/archive/. For other questions contact the DIMACS Workshop Coordinator or the organizers Nathaniel Dean and William A. Massey. Funded by DIMACS, the Sloan Foundation, and Bell Laboratories (Lucent Technologies). Organized in cooperation with the Institute for Advanced Study.

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