DIMACS Workshop on Codes and Association Schemes

November 9 - 12, 1999
DIMACS Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Alexander Barg, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, abarg@research.bell-labs.com
Simon Litsyn, Tel Aviv University, litsyn@eng.tau.ac.il

The workshop is of primary interest to mathematicians (coding theorists, combinatorialists) and also to computer scientists and engineers.

Applications of algebraic combinatorics, in particular, theory of association schemes to coding theory account for most important structural results and bounds on the size of codes and designs. This link, understood broadly, will be the main topic of the workshop. Applications to codes include bounds and properties of codes in discrete spaces (Hamming space, Johnson space), packings of lines and other linear spaces in the Euclidean space, quantum codes, properties of distance enumerators of codes, constructions of codes.

The workshop will include, but is not limited to the following topics:

Talks will be by invitation only. We would like to limit the number of talks in order to leave time for interaction of participants. A list of speakers will be available as the workshop draws nearer.

We intend to put together a volume of Proceedings in the AMS-DIMACS series. The volume will include original papers on combinatorial coding theory or surveys written by the participants. A booklet with abstracts of talks will be distributed at the workshop.

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