DIMACS Series in
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

VOLUME Sixty Two
TITLE: "Multiantenna Channels: Capacity, Coding and Signal Processing"
EDITORS: Gerard J. Foschini and Sergio Verdú

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This volume is a collection of papers from the DIMACS Workshop on Signal Processing for Wireless Transmission. The workshop brought together theoreticians and practitioners working on wireless communications, information, and coding theory from a variety of perspectives. The main topics discussed in the book are capacity of multiantenna channels, vector broadcast channels and "dirty-paper" coding, signal processing, and ad hoc networking in wideband channels. These are all major themes in current research in physical-layer design for wireless communication.

The book is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in mathematical problems of communication theory. Algorithmic and quantitative aspects in real algebraic geometry are becoming increasingly important areas of research because of their roles in other areas of mathematics and computer science. The papers in this volume collectively span several different areas of current research.


Forward                                               vii
Preface                                                ix

Part I. Capacity of multiantenna channels

Broadband MIMO channel model for realistic capacity
    and system performance evaluations
       H. Xu, D. Chizhik, H. Huang, and R. Valenzuela   3

Bandwidth-power tradeoff of multi-antenna systems 
    in the low-power regime
       A. M. Tulino, A. Lozano, and S. Verdu           15

Distribution of MIMO capacity in the presence of 
    correlated signals and interferers: A (not so) 
    large N analysis
       A. L. Moustakas, S. H. Simon, and 
          A. M. Sengupta                               43

Optimality of beamforming in multiple transmitter 
    multiple receiver communication systems with 
    partial channel knowledge
       S. H. Simon and A. L. Moustakas                 57

Part II. Capacity of broadcast channels and 
  dirty-paper coding

Duality, dirty paper coding, and capacity for 
     multiuser wireless channels
       N. Jindal, S. Vishwanath, S. Jafar, and 
          A. Goldsmith                                 71

On the capacity of the multiple antenna broadcast 
       D. Tse and P. Viswanath                         87

Capacity bounds for Gaussian vector broadcast 
       S. Vishwanath, G. Kramer, S. Shamai (Shitz), 
          S. Jafar, and A. Goldsmith                  107

Writing on dirty tape with LDPC codes
       G. Caire and S. Shamai (Shitz)                 123

Dirty paper coding: Perturbing off the infinite 
     dimensional lattice limit
       G. J. Foschini and A. H. Diaz                  141

Part III. Signal processing for multiantenna channels

Maximum-likelihood decoding and integer least-squares: 
     The expected complexity
       B. Hassibi and H. Vikalo                       161

Slowing the time-fluctuating MIMO channel
       D. Chizhik                                     193

A spacetime architectural superstructure enabling 
     efficient multiple antenna communication
       G. J. Foschini and M. Sellathurai              213

Space-time coding with iterative receiver interfaces
       E. Biglieri, A. Nordio, and G. Taricco         233

Diversity order of space-time block codes in 
     inter-symbol interference multiple-access 
       S. N. Diggavi, N. Al-Dhahir, and 
         A. R. Calderbank                             247

Pilot assisted estimation of MIMO fading channel 
     response and achievable data rates
       D. Samardzija and N. Mandayam                  255

Part IV. Networking capacity

Challenges in UWB signaling for adhoc networking
       Y. Souilmi and R. Knopp                        271

Efficient multihop broadcast for wideband systems 
       I. Maric and R. Yates                          285

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