DIMACS Series in
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

VOLUME Fifty Three
TITLE: "Robust Communication Networks: Interconnection and Survivability"
EDITORS: Nathaniel Dean, D. Frank Hsu and R. Rav

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This volume contains the proceedings of a DIMACS Workshop on Robust Communication Networks held as part of the Special Year on Networks. Theoreticians and practitioners presented papers on the roles of architectural interconnection and survivability in the design, construction, operation, and application of robust communication networks. Due to the advent of VSLI and fiber optics technologies, it has become possible and feasible to design and construct large scale, high performance, high speed wireline and wireless communication networks that are also robust. This opens many challenging issues and problems for both the theory community and practitioners. Of particular interest is how these technological advances lead the way to new and challenging mathematical frontiers and set the direction for future research on and implementation of robust communication networks. The nine papers chosen for this volume represent the state of the art from a variety of perspectives.


Foreword                                                     ix

Preface                                                      xi

Design of broadband virtual private networks: 
  Model and heuristics for the B-WiN                          
    A. Bley, M. Grotschel, and R. Wessaly                     1
Minimal contention-free matrices with application 
  to multicasting
    J. Cohen, P. Fraigniaud, and M. Mitjana                  17

Communication aspects of fat-tree-based interconnection 
  networks for multicomputers
    S. K. Das, S. R. Ohring, and M. Ibel                     35

Optimal placement of repair servers for reliable 
    L. Gao, B. Li, and F. Chen                               61

Transparent en-route cache location for regular networks
    P. Krishnan, D. Raz, and Y. Shavitt                      81

An approximation algorithm for minimum-cost network 
    Y. Mansour and D. Peleg                                  97
Nonblocking and almost nonblocking multicast switching 
    Y. Yang                                                 107

Constructing optical networks using combinatorial 
    S. Q. Zheng                                             127

Robust interprocessor connections for very-high 
    S. G. Ziavras and Q. Wang                               143

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