DIMACS Series in
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

VOLUME Forty Five
TITLE: "Networks in Distributed Computing"
EDITORS: Marios Mavronicolas, Michael Merritt and Nir Shavit

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This volume presents the proceedings from the DIMACS Workshop in Distributed Computing held at Rutgers University. It provides a broad survey of major topics concerning modern applications of networks in the context of distributed computing. Articles included touch upon fundamental problems and challenges related to recent technological advances in the networking industry which are directly relevant and interesting to research on the mathematical principles of distributed computing.

Included are issues on diverse areas of networking such as ATM networking technology, issues on routing and flow control in communications networks, security, optical networking and mobile computing. This volume provides state-of-the-art research in these significant areas. The material should acquaint the theoretical community of distributed computing with related issues and problems.

Treatment is applied and tailored to industrial advances in networking, however the underlying material presents a rich variety of theoretical problems in distributed computing that carry significant interest and challenge for the modern mathematician.


Foreword                                                    ix

Preface                                                     xi

Virtual-credit: Efficient end-to-end credit based flow 
    Y. Afek, Y. Mansour, and Z. Ostfeld                      1

Scalable group membership services for novel applications
    T. Anker, G. V. Chockler, D. Dolev, and I. Keidar       23

Implementing an eventually-serializable data service 
  as a distributed system building block
    O. M. Cheiner and A. A. Shvartsman                      43

Frequency assignment in mobile and radio networks
    D. Fotakis, G. Pantziou, G. Pentaris, and P. Spirakis   73

On limited wavelength conversion in optical ring networks
    O. Gerstel 						    91

UNITE-An architecture for lightweight signaling in 
  ATM networks
    G. Hjalmtysson and K. K. Ramakrishnan                   97

Timing-based connection management
    M. Mavronicolas 					   113

Cryptographic authentication for real-time network 
    D. L. Mills						   135
Path layout in ATM networks-A survey
    S. Zaks 						   145

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