DIMACS Series in
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

VOLUME Forty Two
TITLE: "Advances in Switching Networks"
EDITORS: Ding-Zhu Du and Frank K. Hwang.

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The articles collected in this book were presented at the DIMACS Workshop on Network Switching, held July 7-9, 1997 at Princeton University. These papers cover a variety of issues related to network switching, including network environment, routing, network topology, switching components, nonblockingness, and optimization.


Foreword						 ix

Preface							 xi

Average-case bounds for the complexity of path-search	
    Nicholas Pippenger					  1

Extended generalized shuffle networks: Sufficient 
  conditions for strictly nonblocking operation
    G. W. Richards and F. K. Hwang			 15

Constructing nonblocking multicast switching networks 
  with fanout reduction
    Chun-Fai Chan and Chin-Tau Lea			 49

Multirate broadcast switching networks nonblocking 
  in a wide sense
    Dongsoo S. Kim and Ding-Zhu Du			 59

Repackable networks--The concept and applications
    Andrzej Jajszczyk and Marek Kubale			 75

Modeling the blocking behavior of Clos networks
    Yuanyuan Yang and Neil H. Kessler 			 85

Performance of a new decomposition algorithm for 
  rearrangeable fault-tolerant Clos interconnection 
  networks under sub-maximal and no-fault conditions
    John D. Carpinelli and Catherine B. Wang		103

Non-blocking multistage interconnection networks 
  with limited depth
    Italo Busi and Achille Pattavina			119

Isomorphism of classical rearrangeable networks
    M. Douglas McIlroy and Joseph P. Savicki		147

Characterizing bit permutation networks
    Gerard J. Chang, Frank K. Hwang, and Li-Da Tong 	157

Structure and density of sparse crossbar concentrators
    Emre Gündüzhan and A. Yavuz Oruç			169

Non-blocking routing properties of Clos networks
    Tony T. Lee and Philip P. To			181

An algorithm for the construction of concentrators 
  from 2 x 2 sorters
    Shou-Yen Robert Li, Gar Man Koo, and Hui Li		197 

Strictly nonblocking conferencing meshes
    Yi Du and Gerald M. Masson				221

An O(N1.695) permutation routing algorithm on 
  augmented data manipulators
    Ehab S. Elmallah and Chin-Hung Lam			235

Preventing conflicts in input buffering baseline-based 
  ATM switches 
    Hasan Çam						245

Routing strategy and performance evaluation of 
  multiple-ring ShuffleNet topology for high speed 
  wavelength-division multiplexed optical communications
    Dongjie Huang and Kamran Kiasaleh			273

Multispace search for quorumcast routing
    Jun Gu, Bin Du, Danny H. K. Tsang, and Wei Wang	295

On 3-rate rearrangeability of Clos networks
    Guo-Hui Lin, Ding-Zhu Du, Weili Wu, and 
    Kyeongah Yoo					315

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