DIMACS Series in
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

VOLUME Thirty Eight
TITLE: "Network Threats"
EDITORS: Rebecca N. Wright and Peter G. Neumann.

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This volume presents papers from a DIMACS workshop on network threats. The workshop brought together computer scientists (theorists and practitioners) working in this area to discuss topics such as network security, prevention and detection of security attacks, modeling threats, risk management, threats to individual privacy, and methods of security analysis. The book demonstrates the wide and diverse range of topics involved in electronic interactions and transactions--including the less desirable aspects: security breaches.

The volume offers a timely assessment of avoiding or minimizing network threats. Presented here is an interdisciplinary, system-oriented approach that encompasses security requirements, specifications, protocols, and algorithms. The text includes implementation and development strategies using real-world applications that are reliable, fault-tolerant, and performance oriented. The book would be suitable for a graduate seminar on computer security.



Foreword							 ix

Preface								 xi

A representation of protocol attacks for risk assessment	  1
    C. A. Meadows

Verifying privacy enhanced mail functions with higher order 
    D. Zhou and S.-K. Chin 					 11

Cryptanalysis of RSA-type cryptosystems: A visit
    M. Joye and J.-J. Quisquater				 21

Information leakage in encrypted key exchange
    S. Patel							 33

Observed weaknesses in security dynamics' client/server 
    A. Shostack							 41

Web security: A high level view
    D. Dean							 55

Flexible, extensible Java security using digital signatures
    D. S. Wallach, J. A. Roskind, and E. W. Felten	 	 59

Trust and security: A new look at the Byzantine generals problem
    M. Burmester, Y. Desmedt, and G. A. Kabatianski		 75

Channels: Avoiding unwanted electronic mail
    R. J. Hall							 85

Demonstration of hacker techniques
    C. Cullen							103

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