DIMACS Series in
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

VOLUME Twenty Seven
TITLE: "DNA Based Computers"
EDITORS: Richard J. Lipton, Eric B. Baum
Published by the American Mathematical Society

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This volume constitutes the proceedings of the conference held April 4, 1995, at Princeton University. The subject of the meeting was the new area of DNA based computing.

The conference was sponsored by DIMACS and NSF. We thank them for their generous support.

The area of DNA based computing is the study of using DNA strands as individual computers. It was started by Len Adleman's initial paper in Science in November 1994.


Foreward vii
Introduction ix
On constructing a molecular computer

    Leonard M. Adleman

A DNA associative memory potentially larger than the brain

    Eric B. Baum

A universal molecular computer

    Donald Beaver

Breaking DES using a molecular computer

    Dan Boneh, Christopher Dunworth, Richard J. Lipton

Speeding up computations via molecular biology

    Richard J. Lipton

A DNA and restriction enzyme implementation of Turing machines

    Paul Wilhelm Karl Rothemund

DNA computers in vitro and vivo

    Warren D. Smith

Complexity of restricted and unrestricted models of molecular computation

    Erik Winfree

On the computational power of DNA annealing and ligation

    Erik Winfree


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