2000-2003 Special Focus on Next Generation Networks Technologies and Applications: Committees and Sponsors

Organizing Committee:

B. R. Badrinath, Rutgers University, badri@cs.rutgers.edu
Sandeep Bhatt, Akamai Technologies, bhatt@akamai.com
Joan Feigenbaum (co-chair), AT&T Labs - Research, jf@research.att.com
S. Muthukrishnan (co-chair), AT&T Labs - Research and Rutgers University, muthu@research.att.com

The Special Focus is made possible by funding from:

The National Science Foundation
The National Security Agency
The New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology
The Office of Naval Research
DIMACS' partners:
Rutgers University
Princeton University
AT&T Labs - Research
Bell Labs
NEC Research Institute
Telcordia Technologies
DIMACS' Affiliate Members:
Avaya Labs
HP Labs
IBM Research
Microsoft Research

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Document last modified on July 28, 2003.