1996 - 1998 Special Focus on Discrete Probability

Call for Participation

The Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science and the Institute for Advanced Study will jointly sponsor a year long focus program on Discrete Probability.

Probabilistic methods and ideas have by now become central to large parts of discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science. At the same time, recent years have seen a number of major developments in parts of probability and statistical mechanics dealing with topics of an essentially discrete nature (e.g. percolation, random walks and Markov chains, particle systems, branching processes).

A major goal of this program is to foster interaction between the discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science community and the probability theory and statistical mechanics community. This is already happening to some extent, with both the application of increasingly sophisticated tools from probability to DM and TCS, and the solution of problems from probability by combinatorial means. Nonetheless, such interactions, and even awareness of what these communities have to offer each other, are still far more the exception than rule. So the program is intended to give a substantial push to a broader, more rapid development of these connections.

Programs: The Focus program will include Postdoctoral Fellowships, long and short term Visitors, and Workshops and an active seminar at Rutgers, Princeton and the Institute for Advanced Study.

DIMACS invites participation in all of these programs from scientists thorughout the nation and world. Our mission includes outreach to scientists of under-represented groups, college faculty, and industry scientists - we welcome queries and participation.

Call for Visitor Applications: The Focus program invites applications to visit the center and participate fully in the programs. Visitors can be either long term (such as sabbaticals) or short term, can include participation in workshops or other programs. Some funding is available to support travel and local expenses for those who do not have other sources.

Applicants for visitor positions should contact the organizing committee chairs. General information is also available at the Center's WWW site.

Call for Graduate Study Fellows: The center invites applications from Graduate Students interested in participating as short or long term visitors in the program. Applicants should develop plans in conjunction with their thesis advisors to coordinate research goals. Some support is available. Please see DIMACS WWW pages at: http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/archive/Applications, for application information.

Call for Workshop Participation: Workshops will begin in summer 1996; they are announced throughout the year. Up to date information is available at DIMACS WWW site, or by email announcements. Send email to: publicity@dimacs.rutgers.edu, and ask to be placed in the FocusDP mailing list. Announcements are also sent to theory-net, DM-net and DMA-net as well as other media.

Workshops presently planned include:

Probabilistic Methods in Discrete Mathematics organized by Alon and Spencer, October 14-18, 1996.
Computational and Physical Aspects of Protein Folding and Related Problems: one day of the Rutgers Statistical Mechanics Conference, organized by Joel L. Lebowitz, Shura Grossberg, Mona Singh, Scott Decatur, December 17 (Conference runs 15-17, 1996).
Particle Systems, Percolation, Statistical Mechanics and Related Topics organized by Chayes and Randall. March 23-27, 1997.
Microsurveys in Discrete Probability. organized by David Aldous and James Propp, June 2-6, 1997.
The organizing committee chairs for the program are:
Enrico Bombieri, Institute for Advanced Study, eb@math.ias.edu, (609) 734-8109
Jeff Kahn, Rutgers University, jkahn@math.rutgers.edu, (908) 445-3013 and
Peter Winkler, Bell Laboratories, pw@research.att.com, (908) 582-7077.
The Focus on Discrete Probability program is made possible by long term funding support from the National Science Foundation, the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology, AT&T Labs - Research, Bell Laboratories (Lucent Technologies), and BellCore. It is organized in cooperation with the Institute for Advanced Study.

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