DIMACS Special Year on Networks: Call for Participation

This Special Year brings together researchers and practitioners in a wide variety of fields connected to the common theme of "Networks" and ranging from questions of infrastructure to applications. Special emphasis will be placed on Internet-related topics, as this is a young area where theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics have a chance to make a real impact.

The Special Focus is concentrating on four overlapping areas:

Network Security: protocols for electronic commerce, public key infrastructure, network security and threat models

Network Applications: information retrieval, databases and the Web, multimedia transmission and coding, distributed and collaborative computing.

Network Control: routing, congestion and admission control, network protocols, mobile computing

Network Design: topology and connectivity, switch design, facilities location

Our goal is to engage theoreticians with these problems and foster communication between them and real-world practitioners. Practitioners have much to tell theorists about what the key issues are, and theorists may themselves be able to provide crucial insights and solutions to practitioners.

Programs: The Special Year has Postdoctoral Fellows and Visitors, Graduate Study Fellowships, a Tutorial program, a Distinguished Lecturer Series, Workshops throughout the year, and active seminar series.

DIMACS invites participation in all of these programs from scientists throughout the nation and world. Our mission includes outreach to scientists of under-represented groups, college faculty, and industry scientists - we welcome queries and participation.

Call for Workshop Proposals: Proposals for workshops related to the Special Year on Networks theme are sought. Please contact one of the Special Year organizers by email, telephone or mail in care of the center.

Call for Visitor Applications: The Special Year invites applications to visit the center and collaborate with other visitors or local scientists (at Rutgers, Princeton, Telcordia Technologies (formerly BellCore), AT&T Labs - Research, Bell Laboratories or the NEC Research Institute) in conjunction with the special year. The goal is to host visitors ranging from theorists to practitioners and from academia to industry.

Contact the Special Year Organizers for more information. Visitors can be either long term (such as sabbaticals) or short term, can include participation in workshops or other programs. Some funding is available to support travel and local expenses for those who do not have other sources.

Call for Graduate Study Fellows: The center invites applications from Graduate Students interested in participating as short or long term visitors in the program. Applicants should develop plans in conjunction with their thesis advisors to coordinate research goals. Some support is available. Please see DIMACS web pages at


for application information.

Call for Workshop Participation: Workshops began in summer 1996; they are announced throughout the year. Up to date information is available at DIMACS web site, or by email announcements. Send email to: publicity@dimacs.rutgers.edu, and ask to be placed in the SYNet mailing list. Announcements are also sent to theory-net, DM-net and DMA-net as well as other media.

The Organizing Committee consists of

David Johnson, dsj@research.att.com, Tel. (973) 360-8440
Mihalis Yannakakis, mihalis@research.bell-labs.com, Tel. (908) 582-2198
Stuart Haber, stuart@surety.com, (973) 360-3908
supported by a broad-based Steering Committee.

The Special Year program is supported by the National Science Foundation, The National Security Agency, The New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology, AT&T Labs - Research, Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore) and Bell Laboratories (Lucent).

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Document last modified on June 7, 1999.