1995-1996 Special Year on Logic and Algorithms

Program descriptions, calendars, etc.

Publications of the Special Year on Logic and Algorithms

Bibliography of papers traceable to the Special Year on Logic and Algorithms.


Workshop Proceedings: Volume 33, Logic and Random Structures, November 5 - 7, 1995.

Workshop Proccedings: Volume 31, Descriptive Complexity and Finite Models, January 14-17, 1996.

Workshop Proceedings: Volume 35, Satisfiability Problem: Theory and Applications March 11-12, 1996.

Workshop Proceedings: Volume 39, Proof Complexity and Feasible Arithmetics, April 21-24, 1996.

Workshop Proceedings: Volume 29, Partial Order Methods in Verification, July 24-26, 1996.

Workshop Proceedings: Volume 32, The Second Workshop on the SPIN Verification System, August 5, 1996.

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