DARPA ITO Project S3

Scalable Self-Organizing Simulations

Project S3 was successfully completed. Its lasting achievement has been the development and distribution of Scalable Simulation Framework (SSF) and the SSFNet Internet modeling tools. The SSFNet research and development continues.
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Scalable Simulation Framework  -  SSF  -  is a new public domain standard for discrete event simulations of large complex systems, with available Java and C++ high-performance scalable parallel implementations.
SSFNet is a collection of SSF-based models and tools for modeling and simulating Internet protocols and networks. SSFNet models are open source software distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Above at right: A multi-domain SSFNet model with over 25,000 highly detailed multiprotocol hosts and routers. SSFNet provides a database-oriented scalable modeling environment allowing rapid configuration of 100,000-node and larger models, and includes open-source, validated models of the major Internet protocols.

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