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ATSP Benchmark Code and Instance Generation Codes

Compressed files (tar and zip) containing Makefile and C programs for the Match and Timedmatch benchmark codes and for generators of the 12 types of random instances covered in the Cirasella, et al paper listed below. The tar and zipfiles also contain a README file with more information, a file that lists the commands for generating all the randomly generated instances in the testbed, samples of the outputs of all 12 generators, a file containing the Held-Karp bounds for all the instances in the testbeds, and a file containing the optimal tour lengths where known. (tarfile, zipfile ).

Benchmark Instances

Compressed files (zip and tar) containing the real-world benchmark instances from TSPLIB and elsewhere covered in the above paper. The tar and zipfiles also include is the C code for converting these to TSPLIB format, and files containing the Held-Karp bonds and optimal tour lengths. Note that, even when compressed, both files are slightly bigger than 6 megabytes and so may take some time to download. (tarfile, zipfile ).


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